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Dear Valued Customers:

I have to apologize for the past few months of not being able to do appliance calls for you. I have been going through problems with shortness of breath and not being able to perform my job at Santee Cooper and of course my second job with my appliance repair business. I've been back and forth to see doctors and 2 weeks ago I had to have a stint put in my heart. I have been placed on medical leave and will be going through some Cardiac Rehab for the next several weeks. I'm hoping to get back to work after the first of the new year. I apologize for any inconvience and I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I would also like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season!


Jack Lowe

Lowcountry Appliance Repair


List of 5 Samsung Refrigerator Problems

1. Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker not Working

Samsung is allegedly involved in a legal battle over its substandard ice makers. Many homeowners have problems with the quality of the ice makers, and they have complained about it on consumer forums and in social media surveys.

Here are the following ice maker issues reported by the owners.

  • Water leakage under the crisper trays of the refrigerators

  • Ice crystals, water droplets, and slushy ice form at the bottom of the ice maker

  • The ice buckets are stuck and hard to remove, probably as a result of clogged drains

  • Ice maker is over freezing while in some cases it is not freezing and homeowners need to put extra ice bags in the refrigerator

  • The Refrigerator is not Defrosting at all. The ice makers will freeze into huge blocks of ice. Some homeowners are using steam mops or hair dryers to melt their icemakers.

  • More to come